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As a brokerage serving the natural products community and health food stores throughout the Southeast, our priority during this unprecedented time has been to stay available (from home!) and to check in with our network of retailers to help them navigate this time safely and responsibly. We strongly believe in the value natural retailers bring to provide for the health and well-being of their communities, but it is essential that we all do our part to operate in the safest ways possible, practicing social distancing and appropriate sanitation measures to flatten the curve and to keep all customers safe. – Grant Meadows

Root Down Naturals

We have seen an increase in snack items sought after from the grocery stores, we service and although the staples like rice, bread and meats are in high demand we have seen a increase in ethnic foods being purchased.  We have not seen any decline in the sales at the health food store level and quite the opposite the stores we service seem to be doing well stocking items specifically sought after from protein powders, kombucha drinks and especially supplements.  I believe we all need to remain positive, proactive and focused as an industry to move through the crisis we are in.

Past SENPA President, John Kacsan – Seidman Food Brokerage

In these unprecedented times, we find ourselves looking for ways to continue operating our businesses. It is my hope that we all share and keep vigilant with sanitizing protocols and operating procedures. We also need to be mindful of the anxiety created from everything from social distancing, job security, safety of our families. This is a time to let true leadership shine through – not only in your place of work but within your family, neighborhood and community at large. Use this time to lead by offering compassion and empathy to your employees and friends who are uncertain about their physical well-being and finances.  Ask yourself “How can I create good from this situation?” It is my hope that as a part of your self-care routine you’ll make time for whatever gives you comfort and peace and helps you serve others from a filled emotional cup- prayer, meditation, mindfulness, time with loved ones. Take care of yourselves Tribe!

Renee Southard – Organic Marketplace

SENPA is one of the best ways to keep up with a very fast changing industry.”

The Granary Whole Foods—Orange Park FL

We need to stand together!”

Deland Bakery—Deland FL

I want to grow my business with abundant knowledge on what is good!”

Nature’s Food Patch—Clearwater FL

It protects my business.”

Juices Wild—Sugar Hill GA

I believe in the power, purpose and passion of our leaders and members to create and affect change.”